SpringBoard & AVID

AVID Essentials

#4: AVID students must be enrolled in a rigorous course of study that will enable them to meet requirements for university enrollment.

#5: A strong, relevant writing and reading curriculum provide a basis for instruction in the AVID classroom.

#6 Inquiry is used as a basis for instruction in the AVID classroom to promote critical thinking.

#7: Collaboration is used as a basis for instruction in the AVID classroom.

#8: A sufficient number of tutors must be available in AVID elective class(es) to facilitate student access to rigorous curriculum. Tutors should be students from colleges and universities and they must be trained to implement the methodologies used in AVID.

#11: An active interdisciplinary AVID site team collaborates on issues of student access to and success in rigorous college preparatory courses.
SpringBoard program elements

As the College Board’s official pre-AP math and Language Arts curricula, SpringBoard is an important part of the pathway to college. The Standards for College Success guide the program with not only university enrollment, but success through college as goals.

SpringBoard’s curriculum is designed to include culturally relevant reading and real-world math problem solving. Reading and writing strategies are transferred between the ELA and math classroom and are heavily literacy based. Many of the reading and writing strategies teachers learn in professional development are the same, as they are best practices in rigorous classroom instruction.

SpringBoard’s lessons have been developed with an emphasis on higher order critical thinking and inquiry. Unit and lesson design increases in complexity as teachers facilitate students through more challenging tasks and supporting successful academic experiences as content becomes more demanding.

Collaboration, speaking and listening strategies are emphasized in SpringBoard classrooms. In each lesson, there are numerous opportunities for students to interact collaboratively with the content. Again, many of the strategies teachers learn in both programs are the same.

SpringBoard’s focus on higher levels of questions provides an excellent basis for student study groups required in weekly tutorials in the AVID elective. The gradual release of responsibility and student ownership of skills that is woven throughout the SpringBoard classroom allows for students to more fully benefit from tutorials.

The SpringBoard teacher should be an outstanding contributor to the AVID site team. A school that is committed to both programs will have a viable interdisciplinary focus on student success and college readiness.